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omfg [07 Apr 2009|07:19pm]
[ mood | content ]

I forgot about this site , hey lj ppls

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plastic and metal bends fucking easy.. along with china men ... wink wink [16 May 2007|04:32pm]

i was feeling a-lil fatigued ... as normal . the pontiac infront me fell beyond a dark  horizon ,but my mind still gripped to the music of my background . Only untill i really considered the music . Could i save myself . i awoke with fear of death , eyes wide ... inhabited by an onGrowing reflection of the car infront of me . A lane change was attemped .....No room ! Brakes slammed ,but no screeching sound . Brake pedal hit the floor , but still only a small reaction from the company truck i was driving . frig . boom . accident prone peyton has done it again !  you cheeky cheeky china man stop yellin at me you stopped on the highway . I come from hos-pi-tal !!! you hit meeeeee!
your okay ? cool ......... then to the Glove box - no company insurance - no vehicle registration . omg .... and i forgot my wallet . but i still manage to remain uncharged . ugh well now i have to go pull the lucky horse shoe from my ass !! lmao . PEACE 

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Holla back girls [17 Nov 2006|12:29pm]

(Asskissin + weekend off + delta ( car) + money ) divided by josh condon = chillen weekend at derick rices rez ..... which means im driving by guelph . which means i want to see ya 

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forest den ? lemme know if thers somthing going down [10 Nov 2006|09:08pm]
[ mood | creative ]

oh no oh no oh no , what should i do ? 
i fell asleep for an hour or two
a friday night , and no pre-arranged date
and hours of bordom, brought me to this sulking state .
whoa !Derick Rice just came on msn , he wants to hangout with people in our forest den 
Spread the word , tell all your friends . lemme know what ch-all are doing . you can still call me past ten.
if you dont know my cell , go to hell , but hear it is for the incompetant aswell.
519-943-6684 , i need to tell you know more . but yeah call mlease so we can get crunked and explore ! lol ( i have always hate people that say crunked , fuck me ) p.s i wanna see sarah mullens  T- night .

( just for reassureance ; forest den is located behind tthe mall sorta ,but over by lisa marie . its your typical shack with benches and logs seats , and a metal fire pit and food and grill . )

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This Just In [09 Aug 2006|06:03pm]
[ mood | creative ]

newsflash ; Matt Peyton arrived home today from a visit out west,but was intercepted by the Reduce the Juice "operation " only momentairy befor arriving . He was once again reunited with the faces of a Jonathan Scott and Stephanie Belledont (spelling?)two notorious members of a aledged Snake Gang. My Sources inform me that Matthew Peyton ( 18 in 6hrs ) shaggy brown hair,5'8 the body firgure of a garden rake will be meeting these and other members of the gang . If you know the whereabouts of him call this 519 943 6684 . thank for your co -operation

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not the most interesting guy , i'll give you that. [18 Feb 2006|10:51am]
Lastnight i was to meet david at his house .. and just in case i feel asleeeeeeeep b4 he got off work at 11 i was supposed to go to his house at ten so that in case i did fall asleep i would be there . I arrived at 11ish and went downstairs and strumed the old g-tar while i waited . Well i guess i really got into it because i didnt look up at the clock again untill 1230 ... but dave where art thou ? conclusion .DITCHED. At some girls house watching a flick. so i leave but it takes me like ten mins to walk 3 blocks , it was soo damn windy and when i got to my house i wiped out on ice on the stairs and twisted my ankle.SWEET now my dads calling me hoppy today . but on the bright side no work today !!!! yesssssssssssssss thank you ice .
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[14 Jan 2006|08:32am]
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Overveiw [22 Oct 2005|08:07am]
Ger: 7.8 , Can 8.5 , Us: 8.1 , Jap: 8.7, Rus : 6.3 . sick party, ill have to admit .. cause i think im still hammered. - random arrival, then to the basement for dancing with sarah/chirstina , lots of drinking then secret bonding with my secret pals in the walls. SHIRTLESSNESS!! .oh and cant forget the long talk.../walk with christina . then had to leave but couldnt cause vodca was still in house .. as i thought but never found it .. then lost pretty much a 40bag/30 bag of weed .. prolly on jens floor lmao for her mom to find .. oooooops. please return to owner wen found lol . then outside to wait for a ride = matt passed out in the front yard. Then hi connor , david, alia then to some party and then to cosmic bowling with drunk friends from my ex- job . then back to their house for some hash weed and vodca and monopoly lol then back at home by 3 somthing .then didnt look up at the clock again untill 5 lmao . and i had 2 1/2 h sleep and im wired right now OI OI OI !
conclusion . that E was supreme .
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[22 Sep 2005|06:19pm]
im not going to say im looking forward to saterdays party because then i wont be dissapointed because the more hyp and talk ther is about a party always seems to make it less great then expected . so from this point on i want you all to shut your friggen mouths ,no more excited party talk !lol .well my arms are sore today cause of all the rukus i was making lastnight on my new set of drums !!!i love them but someone seriously needs to show me what im doing lol well i guess im out ( POOF ).that was a little smoke bomb.
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[21 Sep 2005|07:36pm]
well i was soo worried about school starting back up again and now were almost thru this month , i swear with every day it almost seems like the next one is a little shorter, i hate it soo . were growning up sooo fast i just want to stop for a second and smells the daiseys. but i guess change isnt neccessary bad . for example i didnt even know many members of the snake gang in grade 10 lol .... but o well , i really havent posted in a long while .. im sorry Lj , well whats new ... well i still dont have my g2 ummm im not doing very well in school , i cant stop fighting with my parents . somtimes i swear im gunna get thrown out .. cause apperently i need an atitude check and a boot upside the head . whoa i have to go right now but will continue later
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[29 Aug 2005|05:05pm]
hmmm today was funnish , left home at 11 with dave for a walk into town while it was raining . but then iT got so hot witch was very good cause almost every girl out was dressed in almost nothing !! yesss lol , but then we went into the arena by the school and went to the rink to cool off and one of the doors were were open so we hoped on the ice and went for a little skate about but then we ended up having sliding compitions with our shirts of lmao , but this came to a quick stop wen we noticed allll the people watching us haha , then off to wallmart to get really dark cover up make-up for my student id photo ( im going as a nigger this year !! yess ) then met up with dynez and went shitty car racing lol then ... here i am ( oh ya i ended up loseing the damn make-up ) fuck !!! ...
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[28 Jul 2005|02:25pm]
candy is dandy but liquor is quicker ................ wait i have liquor ! yess . lol who wants to get krunked !!!
p.s : i think its about time i build a PARTY shack . lmao i think like ten people should get drunk or high and build things . anyways on that note . tooooo ta loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
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[20 Jul 2005|07:21pm]
hmmm ... yesterday was fun !!! hike on bruce trail - no problem , get to the river and walk up taking three hours - no problem , getting to the top of the falls - no problem , skipping stones at top = hit in leg with rock by connor = ouch , cut open finger for connor .. omg yesss .... lol scott falls is the name ? who wants to go next time ? .................................................................................................................................................................................................................................man i need a girlfriend ... any takers ? lol
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[13 Jul 2005|09:13am]
[ mood | mellow ]

well i havent posted in soo long witch is really a shame beacuse i cant remember two shits in the woods cause theres been alot of things that went on ... i think.. but ill try my best . well yesterday i went to laser quest .. !! really fun !!my name was sapapa and i was following these completely unaware familiy of pakies around for like an entire game shooting them and they were getting pissed off and wen they tried to shoot me back it wasnt working because i brought electrical tape and taped up all the sencors !! lmao. Then me connor and derick rice were at DQ and a huge bus of baptisit god huging freaks came in and we were talking to them ...so funny .but as we were leaving so were the baptists and we were break danceing and flashing them and they loved it soo much lol ... but all in all ive noticed summer is weird its a combination of really boreing/gay and supper awsome and extreme .. but so far im sure this summer ive had more partying funn then i ever had . Anyways ..oh connor stole a big construction sign with like the legs and the metal base and we put it under the by pass bridge and covered the base with duct tape now its like the sweetestest little chair.. i love the by pass but its opening on the 4th of august so we cant go there anymore . AWWWWW . well befor that i guess was the weekend were it was david vandersluis's 3 day birthday party .OMG to crazy !! lots of unexpected people showed up all night and we were all fucking so trashed with his parents !! lmao . but one night i got so hammered and and stoned and completely started to idolize this one 50 year old man that showed up .. i was screaming his name and falling to the ground and punching his feet yelling YOU SICK FUCK !! YOUR THE FUCKIN MAN TERRY !! for sooooo long then i blacked out i cant remeber anything that happened for the next two hours .. but i woke up the next moring with no shirt on sleeping almost upside down on daves living room chair !!haha. but i woke at 9 wen i had to be at work by 10!! but the worst part was that i wasnt allowed to stay at davids house i was to come home at 2 !! fuck.. but the worst/best night was the thrid night wen connor got trashed off his ass on hard liquor for the first time and he was so mangled and absolutely insane . first he threw up all over but he was telling us that we should be gratefull for witnessing him pukeing beacuse it was the first time he ever threw up .. but then we got him to smoke 3 moths in his PB !!lmao .. then he was just fucking fighting everyone and climbing onto the shed untill it got later and lots of people left .. then i stared to tease him about the dumbest things and he got soooooo angry .. he was trying to roll a joint but apperently he couldnt do it wen i was teaseing him so he thretened me and i called his bluff on and he ran into the house and pulled a 9inch knife to my chest !!omg and was freaking out then he put the knife down the ran off faster then ive ever seen anybody run befor.. THEN 3 minutes pass by and were like do you think he'll come back .. but we figured he just went home .. but then as were stitting in the back yard ,i can here this thud thud thud thud and its connor running up the road.!!lmao .. but the funny thing is what he had with him .. the constuction sign from he bypass that is like 100 pounds and he was running with it for a few blocks !! and he puts it down and i fall over laughing so hard hahahaha . but then he's all happy with what he did so then i tease him more the he just runs off again but comes back with sand bags !! wtf but after that it pretty much settle down. except that everyone went to sleep at like 6 and i hear connor outside of the tent and i look off and he's going down the road again with the sign over his head !! lmao . then the next morning he tells me he put it under the bypass bridge !! omg connor ... all of you promise me not to let connor drink hard liqour ever again and if he does dont run cause you cant outrun that crazy drunk shit .. that fat bastard can motor !!lmao . but befor that was jordan birthday party witch was also up there with some of my craziest times lol considering jordans folks caught us and jordan got in trouble (essay lmao) but driving on that golf cart drunk is nuts and jon trying to front filp it while its moving lmfao !! and befor that was the beach with all the snake gils and michelle and jaclyn . damn you girls got some nice booty .lmao . but we ended up getting drugged up and just for the record i so won that game of cows !! but we went home and got drunk of off jellow shooters then we smoked up afterwards too lol and we would have got more drunk than we were but michelle stole all shooters !! GRRRRR lol .. but the girlys had to leave and me and connor just ended up gettin more alcohol and getting way more plastered .. then we walk to michelle so see the girls again but we got caught in such a bad storm so we just sat in minora park and drugged and drank untill it was over lol then we got to michelles but they wanted us to leave cause she would get in troble or somthing so were walking back and connors bro picks us up in the staples parking lot . and we start talking to him about mush lol and he tells us all this stuff about it and hes getting us soo pumped for it then im like aww i wish i had some right now . then he pulls it out of his pocket !! omfg and we get to connors and me and connor are unsure of doing this but then next thing i know i had already ate them lmfao ..I fell asleep in like five mins and then wake up to connor bout an hour later and hes laughing uncontrolablely. then i look at him and hes face kina looked weird and i start to giggle then next think i know im on the ground undder blankets laughing so hard i was crying and i couldnt open my eyes ... ya they were kicking in by this point .. but me and connor decide to go on a walk and were told to be carefull and not to be long cause were gunna trip out really hard !. but we end up walking everywhere all night triping out the whole time .. ahh it fucks you up soo much !! but we go to A&P and we try to by friutopia ( the 2L jug) and connor drops it then kicks it by accident in mid air and it breaks open and covers the entire floor lmao i thought it was like flooding in the store for a sec but then we just ran off !! lmao thats my extreme adventure for this past week lol .. but we so need to make some more .. i miss you snakes lol i havent seen you i almost a week .. keep in touch .. but we need to organize another party soon it has to be big like 15 people min .. anways i should go and urinate !!!!

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ba ba ba ba baaaaaa im lovin it [27 Jun 2005|02:47pm]
[ mood | determined ]

i feel lower than a snakes belly in a wheel rut... while being stepped on by a fat woman thus pushing the snakes belly really hard against the bottom of the wheel rut .. ya thats how feel!!! haha ya so lifes good ..today i had to go for an upper GI w,e the fuck that is but i know i had to drink this barium crap if i had to explain to you the feelin and taste of this shit i would prolly say get a bucket of chalk and get your cat to throw up violently in it then mix untill a thick paste and let it sit for a month to wrought .. and there you go !! lol .. but wait i have better news not only did i dissapoint my parents the other day by calling them for a ride to work like 10 mins befor i had to start i was really stoned and they new but ..... today MR HURST called to tell me to have a great summer ?................................................not !! fuckin shitter i have to finish all my final case studies next semester afterschool .. along with jason ,david,chris b ,jaclyn,and mike z .. cause we all handed in the same stuff...lol apperently theres a big party tonight at some filthy hoe's house .. goes by the name amiee !! .. i cant wait to go cause if its gay or shes bitchy COMPLETE DISTRUCTION !! ...and oh yess i had somthing on my chest that i needed to say ... 3 men walk into a motel looking for rooms and the motel manager says he has only 1 room left and would let the 3 men stay in it for 30 dollars a night .so each guy dishes out 10$ and they go to there room .. then the manager is sitting in the office with the bag boy and the manager gives the bag boy 5 $ to give back to the men because 30$ is to much for 3 guys to be cramped up in one room .While the bag boy is walking to the mens room he decides that five dollars is to hard to split between 3 guys so he keeps 2$ for himself and gives each man a dollar back.Therefor each guys pays 9$ .. but its weird cause 9 times the 3 men =27$ then the two that the bag boys keeps =29$ ...wtf?? where or where did the other dollar go ?

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killa killla = ? [22 Jun 2005|04:53pm]
[ mood | quixotic ]

cool day i guess ... comp class was gay cause ive dont have anything complete but that stagnet cesspool of a class can wrought in DARN HELL!!!!!!.. went to thrift store to buy PARTY SUITS lol .. then headed out to 5th line to go swimming but we ended up wadeing in the water for a while as we adventured down the river .. but wen we came back there was a couple tanning and the woman was topless .. but she put it on wen we came !! omg like wtf ... but then we left and went up 5th line to turn around .. and wen we drove past after turning around ,!!she was laying there completely in the buff !! haha nice clit bitch !! lmao .. then we adventured in town then migrated to jordans ... then went home listening to a really annoying song......................so ive been way to sober for way to long ... who wants to get BLITZED??????? lol .....

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wowzers ..... fucking dumb walet !!! [21 Jun 2005|04:44pm]
summer is going to be so wild lol cause its already been a few degrees more excitng than normal ..haha guess what .. another wierd thing happened today .. i was with dave v and some men drive up in their kiddnapper van lol and asks us if we want some speakers and to come into his van to see em lol . I passed that one up..there only so many times im gunna fall for that one lol , but anyways i was interested lol i wanted to see what this guy had in the back of this van cause i could see a few boxes so he parks and gets out and opens up his van and he had like 5 or 6 1500$ speakers!!( like house speakers not car ) and hes TELLING ME to go get as much cash as i can to get one .. he wanted a like 200$ or so .. but i was like 40$ BUCKS NO HIGHER . then they got pissed cause i was wasting their time and drove off but i got their plate number and called crimestoppers on their asses lmao .. but then crimestoppers told me that it was too small of a crime or somthing ? i was pissed !! .................... DAMN !! I saw the HOTTEST car for sale today !! 1988 pimped out lowrider camaro 5.7L engine 350 horses for 4000$.. i was saving up for a mint caddy but i think my mind just changed lol....................umm and i bought a walet and i later found it doesnt have a fucking change pocket or anything .. MOTHER DUCHE !!!!
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[17 Jun 2005|08:05am]
[ mood | crushed ]

wow it looks like the majority of the partyers that were coming to the pit party bailed out ..!!!no biggy!!.its not cancelled , but im very very dissapointed in all of you ...ps im kidding ... hope you come ... make sure you cover up cause there might be icky bugs ...(lake party ( aka raft party is under construction ) to ta loo.

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[15 Jun 2005|07:23am]
the past couple weeks ive been a little sad but these past few days have been soo funny and random and i love it !! like last week walking down the hall thers this guy , he was walking normally then out of nowhere he just start puking all overhimself and on the floor lmao .. and then he slips in it and falls and is trying to get back up but both his legs are slipping everywhere and he's still puking !!lmfao then get up and i tell him "no worries that happened to me this morning" lol , then today im walking down the hall and this short girl walks by me and feel i tug on my shorts then i look and i have this random useless string on my pants but on the end of them are her glasses lol they were tucked into her pants or her pocket or somthing and my little string captured them and blessed me .. yesssss ... sarahs a dirty rat !!
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i m such an interesting person !!! ... ? not [14 Jun 2005|10:15am]
i came 37 mins late for class and christian justtold me that he can smell my man smell ... my gum is really good ... juicy friut fa LIFE !!!
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